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Finishing up the blog entries for my London trip

Thursday, 15 September, 2005 thru Monday, 19 September, 2005

Dave and I arrived in London via rail just past 13:00 on Thursday, we were late meeting up with Dr. Cornell in the SoHo area for lunch, but things worked out well... Dr. Cornell was severely jet-lagged from the overnight trip overseas, but it was great to see him anyway!

We dropped Dr. Cornell off at his hotel, Dave and I proceeded to go check into our hotel near Earl's Court. That evening, we went back to the King's Arms in SoHo for a few pints, then off to The Hoist where we met up with Dave's friend Muz and his boyfriend. We were up almost all night hanging out with them!

Friday morning, we got to Dr. Cornell's hotel to meet up with him and Mark (Mark is a new friend of Dave and me that is interested in getting circumcised. Update: Mark now has his appointment booked for 05-Dec-2005!!) We went to see the changing of the horse guards, a ceremony that takes place daily at Horse Guards Parade Whitehall (weather permitting) and consists of the 'new' guards replacing the 'old' guards on duty. Here the horseguards march from Hyde Park to Whitehall via the Mall for the changeover (11am) and the 'old' horseguards march back the same way. Anywhere along the route will provide you with wonderful sights of the uniformed horses and guards and great photo opportunites. Horse Guards Parade is London's largest single open space, built in 1745 to house the old palace guards. Two mounted troopers of the Household Cavalry stand guard over the entrance to the Horse Guards. It was built where the old guardhouse for the 16th century royal palace of Whitehall once stood. The clock tower dates from the 18th century, built by William Kent and John Vardy. The low arch, guarded by two dismounted sentries, leads to Horse Guards Parade which is fringed by government offices and the Prime Minister's official Downing Street residence.

From the changing of the horse guards, we walked to the London Eye for our 13:00 appointment for our "Champagne Flight" ("Upgrade to your own private Champagne capsule for the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Your host will serve you chilled Laurent-Perrier champagne, orange juice and mineral water and answer any questions about the London Eye. It also includes exclusive check in and fast track entrance.") We had a lovely time riding the "eye", and photos taken in the eye can be seen here. Check out this photo of Dr. David Cornell, Dave Pike and me! It's one of my favourites!

Following the London Eye, we went out for lunch and then Dr. David needed to go get ready to see some shows and Mark needed to head back up to the Midlands! Dave and I were once again on our own... Before making our usual nightly rounds (Compton's, The King's Arms and The Hoist), Dave and I stopped by at "Yo Sushi!" for dinner. Yo Sushi! is a japanese restaurant serving delicious sushi, sashimi, noodles and other japanese food on a conveyor belt or 'kaiten'. It was a very neat and fun experience!

Saturday morning, Dave's friend Joe arrived at the hotel and after a quick breakfast, we were off for another exciting day of activities! Next stop: The Tower of London! We spent nearly the entire day at The Tower of London! Photos from the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are here! Of course, we went out again Saturday night!

Sunday Morning Dave, Joe and I headed to Buckingham Palace! Just recently they have opened their doors for a period each year for the public to tour their "state rooms" -- photography was NOT allowed, so there are no photos of this amazing tour. :-( After touring Buckingham Palace, we went back to Club XXL for a Sunday afternoon B.B.Q.

After the B.B.Q., Dave needed to head to the train to head back to Nottingham... It was this point I knew that my holiday was coming to an abrupt end... Joe and I headed out to The Hoist Sunday night and stayed almost until last call -- on Monday morning Joe and I packed up -- I got Joe on the tube headed towards Gatwick airport, whilst I finished up my souvenir shopping and headed to Heathrow shortly thereafter. I loved my trip to England and plan on returning soon!

After Dark: The "naughty" side of my trip to England!

I had lots of naughty flirting at all the bars and clubs I'd been in on this trip, and to my surprise there were no complaints about "indecent behaviour!, as there are here in Boston. It was refreshing to be able to be wild and free in a "public place" -- on my last night at The Hoist, I got into all sorts of trouble, including re-enacting just about every scene from the XXX video "Pigs At The Hoist" -- just imagine if you will, me standing at the bar, drinking a pint with someone's hand up my arse while onlookers wanked! It was quite delightful, and reminiscent of the "old days" at the leather bars in New York City.

Wondering who was fisting me? Check out his profile here, or here! WOOF!

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