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Another night in London!

Saturday, 10 September, 2005 & Sunday, 11 September, 2005

Saturday was spent walking around Trafalgar Square, London's Westminster area, and a few other places... it was then over to the oldest gay bar in London, I forget the name - it was just another average pub, to meet up with a friend of Dave's, then off to change to go out that evening to Club XXL, a huge bear bar near London Bridge station. The bar layout was spiffy, but within an hour, the music was turned up so loud in two of the four sections that I thought my ears would bleed and in the non-noisy sections, including outdoor patio, were so packed with men that it simply wasn't any fun -- it was too hot and crowded.

Dave and I headed back to the hotel early and crashed. On Sunday, we spent most of the day inside, resting up from all the walking and partying we had done! Our legs and feet were quite sore! We headed out slightly early for the train to take us up north to Nottingham! This afternoon, I was introduced to a new food, PASTYS! (photo on the right) A pasty is diced beef chunks (or mince meat) and vegetable in a gravy or sauce, wrapped in pastry and baked. It's a meat pie on the go (similar to a "hot pocket"), but here in London, even the worst pasty I had in London was far better than the best hot pocket I ever ate stateside!

Following our nearly two hour, high speed train ride up the to the Midland, we hailed a taxi to bring us to Dave's country cottage! Let me be clear, this is not your typical one or two room cottage! It was huge, with a beautiful garden! It was close to 22:00, and we were not completely ready for bed -- so we took Dave's car to a local pub for a few pints of bitter. I go to try "Old Speckled Hen", proper "Bass" from a cask, as well as a few half pints of other things before it was last orders.
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