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Documentating my trip to England...

I am going to try to document my trip to England over the next few days, each entry being a different day, with all the "after-hours" naughty bits being put in an "lj-cut", to prevent discomfort from people that DO NOT want to hear about it (or open them at work!)

Thursday, 08 September, 2005

I has arrived, 6:50 AM London time. It took me a few moments to wash the feeling of disbelief that after all these years of wanting to come to England that I was really there! I fiddled with my special worldwide mobile phone, transferring the chip out of my U.S. phone and getting it up and running. Moments later I was on the tube heading towards Green Park station, then to London Bridge station!

I located the place I was staying and dropped off my luggage, then went to the lobby to await Neville S. for a proper British lunch of fish & chips! Dave P. (photo on the left) was to meet up with us at the restaurant later (his train was later than originally thought)

I had a great lunch with Neville, and after we were done, Dave P., my host for the remainder of my trip, showed up -- we hit it off from the get go! We have been chatting online and on the telephone for almost a year, and it was just splendid (and unbelievable) that I was finally meeting him in person!!

After out meet-up, Neville went his own way while Dave and I began to get ready to do some walking around, ending up in Soho on Old Compton Street at "Compton's" pub -- where I got my first pint of real bitter (Britain is well known for its ale which tends to be dark in appearance and heavier than lager. It is known as "bitter." It is typically served room temperature and is not fizzy like American Beers.) I loved it!! After a couple of pints, Dave had not eaten, therefore we walked across the street to Balans, a trendy chain of restaurants.

After dinner, we stopped at several area gay pubs (most of which close at 23:00), check the listings for yourself at -- The King's Arms, up on Poland Street was one of the better bear bars in the area -- several pints later, and we were off to bed... Both Dave and I were a bit tired; tomorrow was going to be a busy day!

After Dark: The "naughty" side of my trip to England!

Neville, Dave and I got a chance to compare our adult circumcisions following lunch! All three of us had seen everything online, but online photos do not quite do the workmanship justice! Overall, this was just slightly more than some show and tell. All three of us were dying to see each other's circumcised cocks.

After Soho, Dave and I got a chance to get closer up-and-personal examinations of our cocks! :-) Dave is a hairy-chested, deep-voiced masculine man with an accent that melts the hearts of most Americans! We were both quite impressed with our Dr. Cornell's work! Dave's cock was thicker than mine, and slightly longer. Our cocks, side by side, are in the photo on the left! Dave has huge balls and sack (photo on the right), and was just simply fun to play with! After a bit of naughtyness, we went to sleep.

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